Sunday, February 27, 2011

I didnt wanna die i just wanted to cut through the pain.

I find it hard to trust you.

Ive got friends in highly low places.

she wears waterproof eyeliner for a reason

You and i collide.

What would you say if i were to die today?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The hardest thing in life is knowing witch brigde to cross and witch one to burn.

Go find yourself.

No one belongs here more then you.

Pretty pretty please dont you ever ever feel like your less then fucking perfect.

Everyone is beautiful, except those whos words are ugly.

Im happy in your hands.

The only mistake I ever made was trusting that you value our friendship and all the good times we had together. All the times I was there for you and Ill the times you werent there for me, more then the smoke you blow out of your digusting mouth.

We had an assignment in class where we had to label everyone in our class as one of our body parts, you told me you were putting me as your lung beacause I was one of your best friends. When my mom told me i couldnt hangout with you anymore i expected you to try and change give up the drugs and the trying to be a badass. But no you had other friends I didnt matter anymore, highschool got the best of you. Last time i checked you need your lungs to survive.

 You will fade like the sickness in my stomach.

Honey youll be working for me someday.

Im unusually hard to hold on to.

Theres not easy way to say this.

No offence but I hope you get hit by a fucking bus. :)

When life gives you a twist be ready because that twist could make or break you, when life threw you a twist it broke you beacuse you are weak.

Fucking coward.

Some days I tell myself `today ill be nicer` and then some days i tell myself `fuck everyone`:)

You used to take my breath away.

Why dont i just melt in your arms ?


Im only happy when im wasted.

Baby girl :)

Things so small and insignifgant make me wanna knock a bitch out.

You make this hard on me.

Your my favorite.

Model dog :)

Wasting time getting wasted is a waste of time.

I may be a loser but at least im not alone.

You shine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

People might change but there are two things that you can't change them. Their name, and the memories you've had with them

You can plan for a change
In the weather and time
But I never planned
On you changing your mind

Don’t care how far you are from me,
or how long it's been since we've talked.
I don't care how mad I got at you,
or how mad you've been at me.
You’re still what matters most to me,
and I’m never going to give that up.

Everything I do I do it big,

Plan tomorrow, remember yesterday, but always live for today.

Sometimes you have to do what you don't like to get where you want to

It's only embarassing if you care what people think