Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love is a bitch, pain is a whore and misery is the motherfucker that won’t leave me alone
I'm not your fucking bitch to fall back on. I'm worth more than that and if anyone's a bitch, it's you.....
Bad decisions make good stories

Shit happens but, i'm going to keep forgiving,
if you ain't laughing, you just ain't living

Cool story bro get it published and sell it to someone who give a fuck.
What a lovely shade of slut your wearing today.
there is no wrong and there is no right, there is only right now

If you're sorry, you don't sit there and make excuse after excuse

Hate is a four letter word.
But love is a four letter lie


iam really not good with words.
Even when I have a million things to do, and so much on my mind, I think about it all the time
Lets try to take it back
Before it all went wrong
There was a time, that we'd stay up all night
Best friends talking till the daylight
Took the joys alongside the pain
With not much to loose, but so much to gain
It was just a misunderstaind,
Turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you
Can you hear me over the scars and the skin,
Everytime i eat drink exerisise im thinking this is all for you.
You were a bad idea.
That wasent from my cat.
Dont worry your beautiful.
Id go back in time and change it but i cant.
You can tear me down and kick when im bleeding,
you can insult me when im crying and spit on me when im curled up on the floor,
you can beat when your angry and slap me when you dont get your way,
you can vent to me when your sad and then tell me i suck at listing,
you can wipe my tears away then slap me in the face,
you can tell me to suck it up and move on.
You can do all these things and youd still be my bestfriend, beacuse im weak.
My mother excused me of losing my mind,
I wish i could take my own advice.
Its too hard to change who iam, im so sorry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Its like taking me to the highest moutain and showing me the world and saying this is what you cant have,
Lifes a bitch learn to fuck it.
Take life with a grain of salt a slice of lime and a glass of tequila.
And what hurts the most is knowing that even though your my world im not even a star in your sky.
Wasent it beautiful when you belived in everything, and everybody belived in you.
It only takes one second to do something youll regret for the rest of your life.
A friend is someone who says theyll always be there and still is.
I cant promise to fix all your  problems but i can promise you wont have to face them alone.
You dont need a certain amount of friends your only need friends your certain of.
Breaking up with a boyfriend is a million time eaiser then breaking up with a bestfriend
I  remember the first day that we saw each other,the first time my blue eyes met your beautiful brown eyes,how we both stared for what seemed an eternity. I just wanted you to know, I'll never forget the butterflies.
Maybe my heart didn't really skipa beat. Maybe the twinkle in your eye was just the sun reflecting weird. Maybe the feeling in my stomach was just not having enough for breakfast. And maybe I just thought it was love.
there is a point in life when you get tired ofchasing everyone and trying to fix is not giving up, it is finally realizing that you do not needcertain people and all of the drama and bullshit they bring to your life.
The day of graduation, I'm gonna walk out that front door with my middlefinger in the air. I'll be the one walking out with my two best friends saying"goodbye all you fake fucking bastards."
I'm so done. I am so fucking done. I'm fucking done with your bullshit liesand fake feelings. You disgust me.
Someone asked me if I knew you. A million memories immediately flashed through my head at a mile an hour. I laughed and said, "I used to."
If I had it my way? I'd slit your throat with the knife you stuck in my back.
Best friends? Fuck no. I was there for you through thick and thin. I listened to all your pointless problems that you made to be such a bigger deal than they actually were. You barely ever listened to mine. You abandoned me when I needed you. You're such a selfish bitch.
So I realized today I've never had a friend I could trust with all my problems.I keep so much of it inside me; I never talk about it cause I don't want to burdenother people with problems that aren't necessarily a big deal. Now, I don't evenbother with telling people my problems because once they realize what I've beenholding in, they'll never believe it.
Off is the general direction in which I wish you would fuck.
If nothing else, I've realized who I can count on. The friends who can read my mind & finish my sentence. Who call me in the middle of a text message, or answer my question before I ask it. Who tell me what's going on in my crazy head.
Being perfect is okay if you're Barbie, but remember, she ended up with a guy who has plastic balls.
Keep in mind that your thoughts become your actions & your actions become who you are
If someone walks out of your life, you have to let them go. Let 'em walk.
When I'm with you, there's no limits.
I'm a space-bound rocketship & your heart's the moon; & I'm aimin' right at you
The people who deserve nothing, are handed everything.
Happiness will never come to those who don't appreciate what they already have.
Every sixty seconds spent upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
dont ever look down on someone unless your helping them up
Ive been dissipointed so many times that not giving a fuck is almost a reflex.
You start beliving the lies when the truth is too much to handle.
Keep it legit dont act like your the shit.
This is what we live for.
Last years wishes are this years regrets.
It was a small mistke but sometimes thats all it takes.
You can say ive changed and i can say fuck you, you never knew me to begin with.
Its funny cause when you do something right noone rememebers but when you do something wrong nooone forgets.
We stop checking for monsters under our bed, when we realize the real monsters are inside of us.
I dont understand you.
You are the brightest star and im in love with who you are.
What would you do if you knew what would you do.
All the pain i thought i knew all the thoughts come back to you back to what you never said back and forth inside my head.
The feeling when you feeel nothing at all.
Dont get married and have childern if your not ready you will only hurt eachother and your child and you may end up losing them for good,
Sometimes i wish i could go back.
Id like to say i have no regrets, but thatd be a lie.
I wont be able to update for awhile if anyone even reads this, because im going away to florida and if i do update it will only be quotes no pictures because there  is a computer where im going but i dont want to save the pictures onto that computer, and right now the file on my computer isent working and im on my moms file and i dont want to save the pictures here either.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Isent it sad when you think its more important then breathing, Just hold on tight and try and stop the bleeding.

Every morning I think of reasons to get out of bed the only one i can come up with is you.

Your a star, dont burn out.

Your nothing speacil really, only the greatest thing on the planet.

Stop caring what other people think thier opinons wont matter in ten years.

The places you have come to fear the most.

YOU are the birghtest star.
I would never want anyone to feel the way that i feel now.

Dont say everything working when everythings broken.

Everything is worthless.

Stop the hate.

theres noone who wants me to stay.

Your perfectly flawed, your perfectly you.

Really look at the world you will see a reason

Dont for a second ever doubt yourself.

I wish i could record you so  you could hear of self obessed you are.

Oh im sorry i wasent aware you had other friends.

One day you will hear me, loud and clear and you will realise of wrong you were.

Whered  you go wheres your home howd you end up all alone.

Look into my eyes and i see what do i see nothing at all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I dont smoke boy, but your dope boy.

I find it kinda funny you waste all your time talking about me, got me feeling kinda speacil.

I have other people to hate in this world besides you.

Can you hear me now?

Every 18 mintues someone die from a suicide, every 48 seconds someone attemps one.

Half you know nothing.

Star maps will take you to the stars, just because your going fast dosent mean youll go far.

But sometimes they do.

So heres my goodbye noone will cry over me tonight, im not worth any tears.

Theres the light theres the sound hard to breath when your underground.

You think your cool now, well wait till your homeless and 40 years old begging for money to buy pot, then see how cool you are then.
I remeber the days you were a hero in my eyes you broke my mothers heart you broke your children for life.
My friends are a different breed, my friends are everything too mee.

Dreams only last for a night.

If you aint down with webster dont pretend to be.

No regrets, not possible.

And Proud of it.

Sick and tired of parents say, its just a phase youll be ok your fine.

I live for the night i cant remeber with the firends ill never forget.

Im thinking awful things.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is me sallowing my pride standing infront of you saying im sorry for that night.

I dont miss you, I miss the person I thought you were.

Work like you dont need the money,
Love like youve never been hurt,
Dance like noones watching.

Love is the movement.

People say before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes, make it worth watching.

Life isnt about finding yourself its about creating yourself.

I lay in my bed at night hoping ill wake up tomorrow in a hosipital bed hearing :shes not going to make it:

Dont try to fix me im not broken.

If you hurt me i hurt you thats how its going to be from now on.

Smiles are like band-aids the cover up the pain but it still hurts,

Your string of lights are still bright to me.

I think the worst part is, i knew this would happen.

I’m a liar because I wont tell you everything
I’m stupid because sometimes im wrong
I’m ugly because my appearance isn’t perfect
I’m a pushover because I like making people happy
I’m a loser because I don't have a huge group of friends
I’m fake because I tend to hide how i really feel
I’m weird because I’m not like most people
I’m fat because I eat when I’m hungry
I’m clingy because I don’t like to be alone
I’m insecure because I care about what people think of me
Don’t try to tell me who I am --- Because I already know.

True strength is being able to hold it together,
when nobody would blame you for falling apart.

In this dreamland the kids are alright and the sky is blue, we all got wings and know how to fly im heading to the moon.

You are the only exception.