Sunday, January 23, 2011

Isent it sad when you think its more important then breathing, Just hold on tight and try and stop the bleeding.

Every morning I think of reasons to get out of bed the only one i can come up with is you.

Your a star, dont burn out.

Your nothing speacil really, only the greatest thing on the planet.

Stop caring what other people think thier opinons wont matter in ten years.

The places you have come to fear the most.

YOU are the birghtest star.
I would never want anyone to feel the way that i feel now.

Dont say everything working when everythings broken.

Everything is worthless.

Stop the hate.

theres noone who wants me to stay.

Your perfectly flawed, your perfectly you.

Really look at the world you will see a reason

Dont for a second ever doubt yourself.

I wish i could record you so  you could hear of self obessed you are.

Oh im sorry i wasent aware you had other friends.

One day you will hear me, loud and clear and you will realise of wrong you were.

Whered  you go wheres your home howd you end up all alone.

Look into my eyes and i see what do i see nothing at all.

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