Monday, March 28, 2011

HOT GUYS - in no order

1. Neil Patrick Harris
neil is one of the hottest guys ive seen and the fact hes gay makes him ten times hotter.

When Im sad I stop being sad and start being awesome, true story.

Its going to be ledgen wait for it ... dary.

Im not sick im just so over flowing with awesome that some needed to get out.

Can we get outta here its fucking boring.

This boy can satisfy.

Suit up.

Aw they are such a cute couple.

Its a brand new day and your going to die,
go ahead and laugh yeah im a funny guy.

What up.

Good acting being gay but making the whole world belive your a man whore.


2. Stefan Abingdon
this boy is one hot cutie, his accent dosent hurt either ;)
Whats wrong never heard a love song?

Weve been on thin ice for a long time,
|But your cracks have shown me how you feel.

I thought id teach myself to drive so i could take you for a ride, was going to go to the seaside, was going to spend the day outside.

I never see you.
Youll never see me too.

B Double o T Y three over avrage girls calling three under avrage guys.

Im a fucking ninja.
If see turns me down, she must be a lesbain.
3.Adam Brody
hottie all the way
Hes very wise Ryan, he had a beard.

Im just having an allergic reaction to the universe.

Im here for my after school tutorial,
the art of getting it on.

This should be great really great and not at all akward.

Ryan I was nemo, and I just wanted to go home.

Theres so many young tan healthy people here,.. I dont like it.

I dont have a life remember.

Cause I cannot imagine feeling this way about anyone else ever again.

Hi just your friendly neighborhood seth cohen.
4. Miles Holmwood
awesome body and his face isnt too bad ;)
Meagan- Do you ever get annoyed by your fans?
Miles-Yes im annoyed just now.
-meagan gets up-

Friends- Pat pat can i have a hug.

Do wap
Do wap

Ive gotta date with a night elf.

Im a cutie
                                                                      5.Ben Mckenzie
My life just dosent work without you.

Way to salt his game, Mr. Cohen.

Seth: Dude, what did you tell her?
Ryan: I didn't tell her anything. I think the black turtleneck in August tipped her off.
Seth: Okay, I was going for stealth, and also it's slimming.

Ryan: So how long you been with him?
Marissa: Luke? Um... I don't know really.
Seth: I know. Fifth grade, when you two got your mack on during our class trip to the Museum of Tolerance. Back of the bus. Classy lady

Kirsten: So what do you want to be, now?
Ryan: Seventeen.

Ryan: Maybe you've got the Summer flu?
Seth: Yes, it's November, but it's possible.
Ryan: Maybe you need som Anna-biotics
                                                                      6.Dave Faber
Ill turn off the lights and let you sleep just close your eyes relax and breathe.

You were here just yesterday,
slight turn of the head,
eyes down when you said,
I guess I need my life to change.

Its so obvious theres nothing wrong with us.

I stare up at the stars i wonder just where you are.

Was I always in the way.

7. Jack Barakat

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