Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This poisons my intoxication.

Say your prayer say a little common sense.

If your feeling me,
lets make a memory,
my heart is melting cuase your hot like the summmer heat <3

She said, I was seven and you were nine.
I looked at you like the stars would shine in the skies, the pretty lights.
Our daddys used to joke about the two of us growing up and falling in love.

I miss the sound of your voice,
and i miss the rush of your skin.
and i miss the still of the slience, as i breathe out and breathe in.

Now i can see your pain, im sorry.
I cried tonight.

I never thought id say this but im sorry,

Dont make the mistake of living your life worring that you might make one.

Happy looks good on you.

Theres always someone out there who will love you for who you are.

Dont underestimate me.

I cant help giving up, and no its not good enough.

Get outta your mind, yeah fuck that shit get outta your mind.

Ive got plenty of things i would like to say to you.

Im scared of living.

The world is beautiful.
Look around.

The sun rises for you.

Shes crying on the phone, everyday its the same but shell never know.

Dont spend your whole life thinking about things and people who dont matter, cause their not thinking about you.

I just came to say goodbye didnt want you to see me cry, im fine.

I never took you for a trick but sometimes,
I dont know what you want.
I can take it if you need to take this out on someone.
That little bitch with her head held so high talking shit and I,
cut myself so i could feel something and I know its not a lie.

Yeah you can take it all away now miss,
theres alittle bit in you in all this.

Love is the movement.

I wont say anything at all.

Everybody wants a piece of you, everyone take a piece of me.

Get help.

Was going to teach myself to drive,
so I could take you for a ride.
Was going to go to the seaside.
Was going to spend the day outside.

I tired to be cool cause I want you,
but its hard to be cool when you want too.

I keep every single picture so when i grow old i can look back and laugh.

Cant you see the affect you have on people.

You like the chase and thats all.

I try but its not good enough, I keep trying but i keep giving up.

When I get older I will be stronger.

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