Friday, March 11, 2011

This is where i say ive had enough,
noone should ever feel the way that i feel now
a walking open wound A trophey display of bruises
and i dont believe that im getting any better.
Im going down in flames for you, baby you are the weapon i choose. These wounds are self inflicted.
Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just dont belong and noone understands you.
Do you ever wanna runaway?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud that noone hears you screaming.
No you dont know what its like when nothing feels alright, no you dont know what its like to be like me.
This place is a hole but i dont wanna go,
I wish we could stay here forever alone.
This time that we waste, but i still love the taste,
dont let him take my place dont just sit and think.
Sometimes i wish you would leave me.
Whoa im not sick of you yet is this as good as it gets ill just hide it.
Pain without love,
pain i cant get enough
pain i like it rough cause id rather feel pain then nothing at all.
Im only happy when it rains,
Im only happy when its complicated,
although i know you cant appreicate it
im only happy when it rains.
So deep that it didnt even bleed, and catch me off gaurd red handed now im far from lonley.
Thought that I was the exception.
I could rewrite your addiction.
You could have been the greatest.
But youd rather get wasted.
You fall asleep during forplay cause the pills you take are more your fortay.
Im not sticking around to watch you go down.
Wanna be your lover not your fucking mother.
Cant be your saviour I dont have the power.
Im not gunna stay and watch you circle the drain.
I lock the door, turn all the water on.
Bury that sound so noone hears anything anymore.
Mirror lie to me tell me your can see, maybe you wont be able to reconize me now.
I know you can feel all the things your still, your taking it your taking it.
Feeling so esay make me skin and bones, im always on my knees for you.
Another sleepless night and still starring at the ceiling.
I can her him fighting with her for no good reason.
We this ever end?
Will this house be a home again?
If I had my way I would corner him and say.
Put yourself in her position all she needs is recognition.
Loves not enough when you say dont you know you gotta mean it.
Im not a stranger, no iam yours.
With crippled anger and tears that still drip sore.
This world, this world is gone.
But you dont you dont have to go.
Your feeling sad your feeling lonley and noone seems to care.
Your mothers gone and your father hits you the pain you cannot bare.
Be we all bleed the same way that you do.
And we all have to same things to go through.
Hold on when you feel like letting go.
Hold on it gets better then you know.
My tears run down like razor blades, and no im not the one to blame its you, or is it me?
And all the words we never say come out and now were all ashamed and theres no sense in playing game when youve done all you can do.
Im laying here on the floor where you left me.
I think i took to much.
Im crying here, what have you done?
I thought it would be fun.
I cant stay on your life support theres a shortage in the switch i cant stay on your morphaine cause its making me itch.
Ill try to call the nurse again but shes being alittle bitch.
Everyones around, no words are comming out, and I cant find my breath can we just say the rest with no sound.
I know this is not enough, I still dont measure up.
Im not prepared sorry is never there when you need it.
And I do want you to know ill hold you up above everyone.
Take a breath, Ill pull myself together.
Just another step until I reach the door.
Youll never know the way it tears me up inside to see you.
I wish that I could tell you something, to take it all away.
Sometimes I wish i could save you.
Cause theres so many things that I want you to know.
Help, Ive done it again.
I, have been here many times before.
Hurt, myself again today.
And the worst part is theres noone else to blame.
Be my friend.
Hold me.
Wrap me up.
Unfold me.
I am small.
And needy.
Warm me up, and breathe me.

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