Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you cut yourself, if you hate yourself, if you eat, if you don't eat. If your parents split up, if you parents hit you, if your mom tells you you're a piece of trash. If you got in a car crash & half your face is gone - wake up in the morning & give yourself a shot. Not for music, not for any reason other than the fact that you are alive & you were given the grace to wake up another day. So do it, man. Just freaking get out there & try.

When people say it hurts them to see you hurting yourself
[ its just their way of taking your pain & making it about themselves ]

Yes; its true.
i have scars on my arms
but that doesn`t mean i`m
some kind of freak.
they`re simply memories when
i`ve fallen apart, they're times
when i was weak & afraid
to ask for help

I dont talk about myself very often cause i feel when ever i do im boring you.

You said one day we'll learn how to fly.

Rumors are spread in two seconds flat.
she did this && he did that .
I don't give a fuck. So go spread that

just cut yourself up like cheap coupons
and say death was on sale...

I messed up, Ive never meant it so much.
Its been so long science I did you wrong, this is my best way to say sorry.
That i am sorry, I cant take my mind off what ive done.

You said I gave you butterflies, then you flew out of my life.

Remember when you got your frist drum set?
And how we used to practice in the basement?
I was singing like billy joel.

Im five years old its getting cold ive got my coat on.
I hear your laugh and I look up smiling at you.

Dad, Mom, Josh, and caleb please no i always loved you forever and ever.

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