Monday, March 21, 2011

So, what's your addiction?
The pain, the emptiness, the high?
Maybe we all just want to feel alive.

So cut up your arms,
Restrict all your food.
And take hit, after hit, after hit

Maybe if you'd had stopped to think
What made those scissors sink
You could have saved us both
By stopping me from taking
that extra dose

You don’t know I slit my wrists
you'll tell me I'll be okay but I
know I wont.
You can sit there as much
as you like, telling me I’m special
but you will never know the pain I
hold inside. With this razor blade
in my hand,
my hate takes over me

Once upon a time
I was a happy and optimistic little girl
Once upon a time
I was always kind and sweet to all
Once upon a time
the only cuts I had were
from the playground
Once upon a time
I was okay

You think seeing my scars is tough?
Try being the one who makes them

If tears made you pretty, I’d be fucking beautiful

You think im pretty without any makeup on, you think im funny when i tell the punch line wrong.

I used to be love struck,
Now im just fucked up,
pull up my sleeve and see the pattern of my cuts.

Im sorry
If this hurt you
But i tired to keep what we had once i was wrong
he wasent keeping me awake.

When it all comes crashing down and the world starts spinning round.
You feel like your falling from the sky, but you never hit the ground.

Tell me whats wrong with society, when every where i look i see,
young girls dying to be on tv, and wont stop till they reach their dreams.
Diet pills surgery, photoshopped picutres in magizeins.

I never could have seen this far, I never could have seen this comming.
It seems like my worlds falling apart.
Why is everything so hard?
I dont think that I can deal with the things you said they just wont goaway.

Avalanch has sullen in to thin,
she starves heself to rid herself of sin,
and the kick is so devin when she sees bones beneath her skin, and she says hey baby can you bleed like me.

Baby your a firework, come on let your colours burst.

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